The cookie

I’ve been working on making the perfect ice cream sandwich since I first started Boku, some four years ago. Typically, when you make the cookie, it gets hard and brittle when frozen. When you’d bite into it, ice cream would come running out the back side. Plus, there is just too much textural contrast. Some crunch is good, but not two whole cookie’s worth. I was after a cookie that would stay pliable and soft so it would be part of the ice cream experience; almost stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth sort of deal. While reading through the State Bird cookbook, I came across their “ice cream” sandwich recipe. I skipped the “ice cream” part, because they just made semifreddo; but their genius pastry chef had the bright idea to use French macaron for the cookie part. It stayed soft and chewy while frozen…It’s perfect, and everything I was looking for.

The Ice Cream

I use a Philly style ice cream base which doesn’t use eggs. By keeping the fat content lower, more flavor comes across your palate. Plus…I live in Philly, so the decision to go this route was a no-brainer. With a low air content (aka overrun), the ice cream is dense and chewy. It’s the best.

  • Whole bean vanilla, dark chocolate, mint, coffee (brewed or cold-steeped), salted caramel bourbon, banana, lemon, popcorn, seasonal flavor (rotates)


All the fun mix-ins are made from scratch and to-order, except things like sprinkles and jimmies…I mean come on, I don’t know how to make things like that. But the swirls, crunches, and chucks, I got you.

  • Swirls fruit, caramel, fudge, dulce de leche, marshmallow, nut butter

  • Crunch streusel, caramelized rice krispies, pretzels, toffee, nuts

  • Chunks chocolate, cake (birthday, chocolate, carrot, cheesecake), cookie dough, candied citrus fruit

There’s levels to this game

Our ice cream sandwiches are offered in three levels of Bokuness:

  • So Boku $80 One flavor of ice cream + one mix-in

  • Very Boku $90 One flavor of ice cream + two mix-ins

  • Too Boku $100 One flavor of ice cream + three mix-ins

Order by the tray

Sixteen sandwiches come to one tray. The sandwiches are cut into triangles. Short sentences are great.