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Chef Matt Kemp has worked and trained with Japanese Chefs across the country, and has played an integral role in opening sushi restaurants in Pittsburgh.  Having previously worked at Morimoto in Philly and run the Sushi Department for a major private event company in Philly, Matt has started his own company called Shoon Sushi. Matt now brings his vision of intimate, Omakase-style events to the counter at B_oku.

The Sushi program Matt offers at B_oku is Omakase style, which essentially means it's the chef's call.  The event will start with a plated course (soup or amuse bouche).  Matt will then serve each guest 10-13 Nigiri, based on what is seasonal, followed by an intricate hand roll.  The event will conclude with either a small dessert or treat to take home.

Guests will be dining at the 10-seat Chef's Counter.  The art exhibit will be on display during the event. Gratuity is not included.

Tiantian Li

featured artist

Tiantian Li is a painter who was born in Guangdong Province, in southern China. She graduated from a top Chinese art school--Central Academy of Fine Art with a master degree in 2016. Now she is studying in the MFA program at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She has exhibited in Asia and Europe. She has good relationships with Asian and Germany galleries. Her work has also been shown in many major art museums in China, such as the National Art Museum of China, CAFA Art Museum, GAFA Art Museum, Shanghai Oil Painting Sculpture Institute and Song Zhuang Museum. Currently she has been included in many shows in the Philadelphia area.




AUG 2018

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gratuity not included